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Imagine a place, where a child is able to take education into their own hands and explore their own interest throughout the day. Where a child could learn more than reciting addition facts or remembering the alphabet (because that’s what an adult told them to do.)


Imagine a place where the goals for the child, actually met the needs of the child. Imagine a place where that same child learned life-building skills such as culinary, self-responsibility, and education. Imagine a place where God isn't a separate from the learning institution but where HE is at the core of every decision made! I wanted this so badly for my children that I am walking on faith to create this space.

With a background as an RBT, I have had the pleasure of working with many children that have different abilities. As a Montessori educator, I have seen children walk into a room with a sense of panic that deepened when they were asked to simply have a seat. When it came to anything academic or thought provoking, they declared that they didn’t know the answer to questions that were about their own interests. They were defeated before we even began.


The most heart breaking moment about all of this was that the children did not understand why they were defeated or why they despised school. They were worn out, and I would even go to lengths of saying void of hope.

As a Behavioral Technician who was charged with the responsibility of carrying out behavioral support plans in the classroom setting, I noticed that with great intentions in most cases, the teacher would do their very best at trying to meet a child’s needs while keeping a whole group mindset. The educators were so overwhelmed with meeting goals passed down from Administration or the state that they, even the ones with the passion, could not provide true individuality to the children and their education.


Consequently, all of the color that a child should see in learning self-care and the beauty of obtaining “grown up skills” became GREY. I looked at them and I noticed that I was looking at who I was as a child.

One year I had the pleasure of being invited to see the new Montessori class in our facility. I had been oblivious to such beauty. The children were not in a state of panic. I did not feel an overwhelming urge from them to perform. They did not seem like little adults. They were children working together on different skills. They were learning life skills. They were being taught to prepare meals and care after their learning materials.


I cried after being in that classroom for 5 minutes. I knew at that moment, my life had been changed forever. I thought about that classroom over and over. I was intrigued by it. I realized that everything that I thought I knew about Montessori before that day was superficial. I hungered and thirst for more knowledge. I had received my calling from God and it was such a beautiful moment.

I studied after work, when my children were asleep. Countless hours of mentor sessions and sleepless nights. I obtained my Montessori Teaching Certification from NAMC, with a 4.0 GPA and mastery in each study. I then proceeded to teach in the Private School where I was given the opportunity to serve as one of 2 Montessori classrooms in the entire school. The other teacher became my Montessori Mentor, and beloved friend. In the conclusion of my first school year, my life began to change. The peace in the lives of my three sons started to shift. I watched them bloom into more freethinking, independent children.


My fourth and fifth son, being born into peace, and being so independent has been blessed by that single moment that changed my life and the trajectory of our future.

                SO IMAGINE WITH ME

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